Climate-Controlled Self-Storage in Scranton, PA

If you are looking for a good place to store your company’s inventory or your personal belongings, from paper supplies to electronics, contact our team at Safe & Sound Self-Storage in Scranton, PA. We offer climate-controlled self-storage perfect for keeping materials that are sensitive to heat or moisture safe from the outside environment.

Protect From Moisture

Materials like paper, cloth, or even wood can be affected by even a slight amount of moisture in the air. This can include furniture, photos, clothes, and even musical instruments. In Scranton, PA, where even the driest months get a lot of rain, you need to take the weather into account when choosing a storage unit for your moisture-sensitive materials.

At Safe & Sound Self-Storage, our climatized self-storage can protect your belongings from the humidity and other wet weather. We keep our units dry inside so that your property stays safe.

Protect From Heat

Summer temperatures in Scranton, PA, can get up to as high as 80 degrees F. This heat can be damaging to a number of materials, including electronics or anything that can melt. If you have heat-sensitive items that you need to store, even for a short amount of time, contact us about our climate-controlled self-storage options.

We offer anywhere from 25 to 600 square feet of storage in a single unit, so whether you need to store a lot of items or just a few, we can provide the space you need.

Protect From Theft

In addition to protecting your belongings from the vagaries of weather, we also strive to make our facilities as safe as possible. Our entire property is secured with a fence and keypad-controlled entry gates, and the storage facility are further protected with a Bluetooth-enabled door. You can rest assured that your property is safe when you store it with us.

Contact our team to learn more.